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Lady Elliot Swim Hat

Lady Elliot Swim Hat

Designed to match the Lady Elliot Swimsuit and Bargara Board Shorts


Beautiful wide brimmed swim hat with loggerhead turtle design and Great Barrier Reef coral background

  • Features

    • Full cover across the top of the head - no burnt scalps or little ears!
    • Thick and sturdy wide-brim providing shade for the face, ears and back of the neck
    • Double lining for extra sun protection
    • Under neck tie with adjustable clasp - won't fly away in the wind or fall off in the water
    • UPF50+ protection, blocking out 97% of UVA and UVB rays
    • Exclusively designed custom print with a unique Australian design
    • Buttery soft, two-way stretch polyester blend fabric - OEKO-TEX certified for sustainability 
    • Limited print-run to eliminate waste, enviromental strain and to maintain boutique appeal
    • Perfect for the beach, pool,park or playground


    Size XS = suitable for age 6-24 months

    Size  S = suitable for approx age 1 - 4

    Size  M = suitable for approx age 5 - 16 

    If your child is aged between 1 - 4 and has an above average head circumference please select size M.

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