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Snorkelling or diving off beautiful Magnetic Island in tropical Queensland, you might be lucky enough to come across one of the Great Barrier Reef's most beautiful fish - the Mandarin Fish. This little dragonet with it's psychedelic colours is scale-less and shy, with a lifespan od 10-15 years; it is also known for it's entertaining courtship dance!


This beautiful swimsuit is designed to protect baby skin with full-coverage across back, chest and arms: it is also double-layered for extra sun protection against harmful UV rays.

  • Details

    • All-in-one rash guard
    • UPF50+ protection
    • Exclusive Australian design custom print
    • Double lining front & back
    • Full length sleeves
    • Pretty feminine ruffle detail on backside
    • Nappy/Diaper change clips for easy changes on the go
    • Plastic moulded front zipper with no-pinch zip hideaway pouch to protect from irritation
    • Buttery soft, two way stretch polyester/elastane fabric - OEKO -TEX certified for sustainability
    • Beach luxe at it's best!
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