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Kingfisher Cove Swim Hat

Kingfisher Cove Swim Hat

This print features Australian Azure Kingfisher birds admist tropical flora and fauna. Its gorgeous background is a blur turquoise colour.


Designed to match the Kingfisher Cove Swimsuit, this hat offers premium sun protection in style!

  • Features

    • Full cover across the top of the head - no burnt scalps or little ears!
    • Thick and sturdy wide-brim providing shade for the face and back of the neck
    • Double lining for extra sun protection
    • Under neck tie with adjustable clasp - won't fly away in the wind or fall off in the water!
    • UPF50+ protection, blocking out 97% of UVA and UVB rays
    • Exclusively- designed custom print with a unique Australian flair
    • Buttery soft two-way stretch nylon/spandex fabric - OEKO - TEX certified for sustainability
    • Limited print-run to eliminate waste, enviromental strain and to maintain boutique appeal
    • Perfect for the beach, pool, park or playground!


    Size S = suitable for approx age 1 - 4

    Size M = suitable for approx age 5 - 16

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